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updated 2/27/2007

These are stories from owners that have adopted from Pups 2 Luv

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Charlie & Gypsy

GypsySuzi and Bill,

Just wanted to give you an update of how Gypsy and Charlie are doing since they joined our household four months ago.

After losing our 11 year old dog (LB) last fall, I told my husband after we lost the dog we still had left (our old lady, Bags) I couldn’t bear to get any more - the pain of losing them was too, too much. But something “hit” me in January with a need so strong for another dog and fortunately we were lucky enough to find Pups 2 Luv. Bruce and I decided that we needed to adopt two dogs somewhat close in age. We saw how much LB and Bags needed each other, and couldn’t imagine having a single dog.

We looked at your website with some ideas of which dogs we were interested in, but the moment we saw Gypsy and Charlie “in the fur”, it was pure love. Although they are both so different, they compliment each other so well. But the best part is that our 13 ½ year old dog is much more active now and is eating and playing like she did years ago. We’ve also worked through the cat issue (it seemed that Gypsy and Charlie had not been around cats before), but Casper and Portia (the cats) appear to have finally accepted the dogs and are not afraid of them any longer – at least most of the time.

GypsyGypsy (aka The Gypster) is the most loving dog we’ve ever seen! To be greeted when we come home with the enthusiasm she shows is awesome! She *never* gives out of “lovin” – that tongue works 100 MPH – and sometimes we think she should have been named Paint Brush! Gypsy plays SO well with the neighborhood dogs – there is a chocolate lab mix across the street that she has become fast girlfriends with. But what’s really fun to watch is Gypsy playing with the neighbor Great Dane! Gypsy runs SOOO fast – Bruce calls her a junkyard dawg! She also LOVES her “babies” (toys) but her most fun thing to do is “kill” the squeaker in them. We found some replacement squeakers so Bruce “operates” on the babies, replacing the squeakers, so she can start all over again. She is an incredible girl…

Charlie (aka Chunky Charlie or Charlie Warlie) is quite the little dude. We were a little concerned with some dominance issues at first, but Charlie is a very smart boy and learned his place in the pack. And speaking of smart, Charlie was the #1 dog in the Basic Obedience class we took the “kids” to earning Summa Cum Laude!!!!!!!!!!! Bruce was the proudest Daddy in the world! Charlie does love his butt scratches as you said in his write up and he is the best cuddler in bed. He just waits for us to say it’s bedtime – and then he’s the first one upstairs! He is a great boy…

Life has changed drastically over the last few months – all for the better – and sometimes it feels as though Gypsy and Charlie have been with us forever!!! Their individual personalities have added so much to our lives and I can’t imagine life without them. We wouldn’t trade either one of them for anything in the world!!!

I’ve included a few pictures for you – Gypsy and Charlie with their toys, Gypsy with her baby, Gypsy and Bags (our old lady) on the couch, Charlie chilling on his pillow, Charlie with his baby, and just Gypsy (so you can see how beautiful she is!).

Thanks, Suzi and Bill, for everything you do so help save these dogs – and for making our lives complete once again…

Shay and Bruce K.


BrodieHi Suzi and Bill!

Jim, Boo and I want to thank you so much for introducing us to Brodie! Brodie came home with us over Memorial Day weekend after his new and older brother, Boo, helped us decide that Brodie would fit right in to our family! It seemed only fitting that Brodie would become a part of our family, what with his Virginia Tech connections and all (I'm a Virginia Tech graduate)!

Brodie has adjusted extremely well to his new home. He loves his new back yard, playing with his brother Boo and having a mom and a dad! He is happy and he brings us great joy every day! He is a wonderful companion for Boo since we lost our beloved Bubba, Boo's biological brother. We see Bubba in Brodie's eyes and know that his memory lives on.

Thanks again, Suzi and Bill for all you do for those who cannot help themselves. For those of you thinking about adopting a dog, please give your decision serious consideration. Dogs are not possessions and they need a permanent family who will love them and take care of them. BrodieOur experience with adopting rescue dogs has been so rewarding. Boo, Bubba and now Brodie have given us so much love and companionship - our commitment to integrating them into our family has been worth more than we can say!


Julie and Jim Ash
Boo and Brodie, too!


TannerHi Suzi, here's my son's story.  His name is Gray, and he's 11.

My Dog Tanner:

I love my dog Tanner. He rocks. We were looking at the shelter and we saw a dog. We were going to get him, but there was some shelter problem so we kept looking. We saw Pups2luv and went to visit because we saw Tanner on the website. The website said Tanner loved to play catch and tug of war and they didn't lie. Whatever they say it's the truth. There were no problems there, and Tanner is awesome. My dog Tanner gets along with our other dog fine.  I think it's important for kids to have a pet because it is so much fun.

I hope everyone looks at Pups2luv because it is easy, fast and tons of fun. You will love it. Whatever type of dog you want, they have it.


Lola Belle
Hi Suzi,

Wanted to take a minute and update you on Lola-Belle. She is a real love. She is definitely a part of our family and feels right at home. She sleeps in her bed but loves to wake us all up when she needs to go outside with lots of slobbery kisses. She especially loves the kids. She follows them around and wants to play all the time. The neighborhood loves her too. She has become a good friend of the golden retriever, Buddy, that lives behind us. They take turns playing in each other's yards.

I can't say thank you enough for bringing us together. She might be bigger than what we are used to but she is just as cuddly and loving as she can be. I call her my "baby girl".

Talk to you soon.

Kaylee(formerly "Sabrina:)

Dear Aunt Suzi,

I wanted to thank you for letting me visit from time to time. My mom, Betty and big brother Prince really enjoy seeing you and I love playing with all the other pups at your house too.

As you know, I am very lucky to have such a loving family. Not only do I have more toys than I can play with, I also have many playmates and friends to romp around with in my big yard! My best friend is “Willow” a Chesapeake Bay Retriever who lives across the street. We get our moms together all the time and then we wrestle and roughhouse. She may be twice my size but I hold my own pretty well.



My cousin Ivy, and her daughter Mocha give me lots of wrestling practice and love to chase and race with me all over the yard, house, beds, couches etc.… well you get the picture. Every Saturday they come over to spend time with mom, Prince, and Me. Sometimes mom will leave us all alone and then… the trouble begins! You see, I’m a really good girl but Mocha and Ivy are always scheming up something. They will often take some treasure under the bed and all I can do is watch because I can’t fit under a bed. It’s so frustrating. Once in a while I do get into the mischievousness. But I never get blamed ‘cause mom knows that I am a good girl and oh so innocent!! hee-hee :-)


KayleeEven though I love my playmates, I don’t know what I would do without my big brother Prince! I’m so lucky to have such a loyal and smart buddy by my side. He opens all the doors for me, he’s “given” me all his toys, he “shares” his bed with me, and every night after dinner he pesters mom until he get us our extra treat. What a guy! We go everywhere together, even the vet, because I hate being separated from my Prince.

Everyone says that I’m a very sweet girl because I love to give so many kisses to anyone who walks into the house but only after I sniff them out to make sure they are safe and tasty. When mom comes home I can hardly control my excitement and glee. I cry out with a very high-pitched squeal that even the neighbors across the street have been known to hear. So why do you come over for a visit with the puppies and I promise I’ll have lots and lots of kisses for you too.




Love and Lots of Wet Kisses,

Kaylee Prince




I thought you might like to know how Domino is doing with his new family, in his words of course.

"It has been almost two months now since I have moved in with my new family. (I never knew it would be so much fun!) I am really having a nice time. My new brother and sister are great. They love me so much and I miss them when they go to school. My Mom takes me to the school bus stop every day to say goodbye and to greet them when they get home. I have met all the children in the neighborhood now and they all like me, too. My new Mom then takes me to a ball field and has been teaching me how to behave better. I guess I am going to school, too!

My new Dad takes me for really nice, long walks in the forest behind my new house every single day. I can’t wait for him to get home from work – I go nuts when he comes through the door. I can’t stop myself from jumping on him, sometimes almost knocking him over. When I get out there, I usually smell deer and go off chasing them, I just can’t help it! My Dad gets a bit worried but we are working together to try to stop me running off too far. Boy, is that tough though, but I’m learning.

I also have a new dog sister. She really didn’t like me barging into her house at first, but now we are very good friends. She is 105 years old, so I guess she was a bit set in her ways and didn’t appreciate a young, lively boy like me running around and keeping her awake. We actually work really well together. If she needs something and I’m in the way, she just walks straight underneath me!

My new family has taken me on a nice trip to Pennsylvania – if you weren’t quite sure, I just love riding in cars. While there, I was taken on really long walks in a snow covered forest and just enjoyed exploring the new area. It was a tough choice – go for another walk or get back in the van! I think my Dad was more tired than me, as he pleaded for me to get in the van. I got to meet all of my Mom’s family and they all loved me, too. They couldn’t believe how big I was, and I’m only 15 months old. They should just wait to see how big I am next time they see me!

This winter has been great for me. The frequent snow has been great fun to play in. I have a friend who lives across the street and he some times comes on walks with us. His name is Jopy. We chase each other a bit but for some reason all he wants is his stick. He just wants my Dad to keep throwing it and he retrieves it. He’ll do it all day long. Silly or what? I much prefer chewing sticks. By the time I get home I am pretty tired and so go and lie down on my bed. My Mom and Dad love me so much that later in the evening they come and join me in my bed too. There isn’t that much room and I wish I could tell them that they need to buy there own!"

Domino Domino



StarrIt had been over a year since we had lost our dearly loved family pet Abbey.  She lived a long life with our family and we shared much love and happy memories with her.  With mixed feelings of ever being able to love another dog as we did the one we had recently lost, I found myself searching in various places looking at puppies.  After several visits to local shelters with no success, I stumbled upon the Pups 2 Luv site while doing a search on the Internet.  There we saw a beautiful Mom named Storm with a litter of pups that were just adorable.

Immediately I called the number for Pups 2 Luv and left a message for a return call.  I was fearful since we lived out in the Shenandoah Valley that we would be out of the parameter area ranges for adopting.  After talking to Suzi we made an appointment to visit the puppies.  Chris our son who was born with Down's Syndrome, who was 25 at the time fell in love with Starr, heck we all did!! We were pleased as punch when Suzi told us she was OURS!!

Life with Starr has been a JOY! She is so loving and devoted to all of us.  She has the most pleasant disposition and always wants to be near us.  Never does she wonder far from our feet.  She was incredibly easy to potty train; never did she have an accident in the house! Smart does not even began to describe this dog.  She amazes the entire family constantly.

It's hard to believe that in April we will have her for 2 years, but then again it seems like she has been a member of our family forever! She runs this household, has more toys than the boys did their entire time growing up, and always reminds you it's time to play ball.  If I put my shoes on, without grabbing her lead, she knows we are going out and hurries for her crate.  Never do you have to tell her to head for it.  I've never seen a dog that loves a bath as she does, and how she sits and allows me to blow dry her with the hair dryer without any resistance.

I am so grateful to Suzi for choosing us to be the family that adopted Starr.  I cannot imagine life without this dog, she brings happiness and Joy and most importantly LOVE to this entire family.  It's truly wonderful for Chris, Miss Starr is his dog as he well reminds us all the time.  She is his "Shinning Starr"


Cathy, Ken and Chris



Bonnie and Clyde

Bonnie and Clyde(formerly Samantha and Kramer)

Within a year we lost both our retriever mixed dogs to cancer. Suddenly our constant companions were gone and our house - and hearts - were empty. I called my vet hoping he'd know of a recent litter and he pointed me towards Suzi and Pups2Luv.

Enter the Chow pups - a littler born at my vet's office a few months earlier - during a check-up visit with my dog I even got to peek in on the cute, fat puppies. I had no idea that I'd end up to have two of them in my home.


At first I wasn't sure about getting chow-mixes but once I met the momma dog Storm and all of her puppies I didn't have any worries at all. Affectionate lap dogs the lot of them. Samantha and Kramer came home with us soon after we met and were renamed Bonnie and Clyde. They quickly took over the house AND our hearts.

BonnieIt will be two years in April that they have been here with us and we couldn't imagine live without them. The dogs are wonderful with both of our children (which is why we wanted puppies in the first place) and we are never without them by our sides. They have a huge fenced-in yard to run and play in - the two of them look quite fierce as they chase each other around at top speed, it's quite a joy to watch. And visits to the vet are like a Family Reunion as all the staff comes out to see them and how much they have grown. They have a very good life with lots of love, good food, many treats and too many toys - not to mention that yard and plenty of squirrels to chase! The puppy stage was hard as it was almost 10 years since I had to deal with crate training and "accidents" but these lovable creatures made it all worth it.

Bonnie is my "rascal" and the mischievous one - she's the mastermind of the duo and if anything is missing you can bet that Bonnie has stolen it away. She's also incredibly sweet and loving and sticks by her "momma" so much she's my second shadow. She's a natural born retriever and will play fetch with you as long as you are willing.


ClydeAs much as Bonnie is the brains then Clyde is the brawn - a big boy with the thick, chow coat and curly tail. He looks and sounds fierce but he only really wants you to play with him - he'll lick you to death! He doesn't seem quite as bright as his sister but my dumb blonde is not lacking in the lovable department for sure. He likes nothing better than to have his ears scratched or be allowed up on the couch with his head in your lap.

Bonnie and Clyde are both truly members of the family and we are so happy to have them here with us!



Tyler(formerly Columbus)

Hi Ms. Suzi!  I wanted to let you know that I’ve been doing great the past few weeks.  The name you gave me, Columbus, is now my middle name, which still fits my explorer side (I still follow scents like a good hound would!).  However, I am really sorry to hear that my brothers & sisters haven’t found a place for the holidays so I thought I would share my little story to everyone.

Stephanie adopted me because I wouldn’t leave her alone, and I still don’t like to (I’m very loving, I am even trying to befriend her two cats, which is quite difficult).  She won’t let me sleep with her, which I did not like at first, but I realized I got a really cool den of my own and things are better when I’m not being a baby, because I almost 2½  doggy years old now!  Her condo has enough room to play inside with lots of toys for me (so I try not to play with hers) and I love going up and down those once scary steps.

I learned my name (its Tyler!), come (which gets me attention!), and no (when I’ve being bad) all within the first few days.  It was hard work but I think she appreciates my effort and I really wanted to stay!  Since then, I learned how to sit and I’m working on staying.  I’m almost housebroken too… my doorbell definitely helps me tell her when I need to go (although I do use it for attention sometimes…I’m a very smart puppy).

TylerI love going on walks (lots of smells!) and visiting Miles and Nemo (I think they were what brought Stephanie to me).  I also got to go on a long trip (I got slightly sick...but that’s it!) to my grandparents…you should see their house and yard, tons of room to play.  I even got to see my entire extended family who all loved me, especially the ones close to my height (I think they are called kids).  Everyone says I’m a good dog, especially because I’m don’t bark unless I’m playing (I really don’t get dogs who bark…it takes away from my smelling everything).

I guess that’s all, I have toys to play with and more sleeping to do (I now have my own bed outside of my den to be closer to everyone).  Smooches and love to ya!


CharlieWhen we found Charlie on the Pups2Luv website, he was about 2 years old and weighed about 12 pounds. He's fattened up to about 15 pounds, and is a bundle of muscle and energy.

We've had Charlie for about 18 months. He loves to play, and loves to chase toys that we throw for him. Our daughter Katherine walks him twice a day. Well, actually, Charlie takes her for a run twice a day. He has the run of the fenced back yard, and has all of us trained to answer his bark. He loves company, and if he's home alone with someone; he'll follow that someone from one room to the next. He sleeps on Katherine's bed, and on the nights when Katherine's not home, he sleeps on our bed.



CharlieHe's a real joy, and we all love him. I understand that his previous owner was unable to care for him, and turned him over to Pups2Luv to find a new family. I'm sorry for them, but happy for us.

We're delighted to Charlie as a member of our family. 

John, Joyce, and Katherine



AlaskaWe wanted to pass along Alaska's story - which has had a wonderful ending for the past eight years. If I remember correctly, you said that Alaska was found in a garbage dump with his mom and sister? Well... He's come a long way since those days!

We got Alaska in early 1996 - he was our "only child". To say that Alaska is a "wonderful" pet does not do him justice. He is the greatest companion, friend, and love-giver anyone could hope for in a dog. He has moved from Northern VA, to Charlottesville, to the Big Apple with us. He has adjusted beautifully each time.


AlaskaOne year ago, Alaska became a big brother. Many of our other friends with dogs said that they experienced all types of bad behavior when their babies arrived. But not Alaska! Alaska has patiently welcomed his little sister, giving her lots of kisses and even tolerating her pulling his fur. (We are teaching her to be gentle) He has remained steadfast and true through all of the changes a new baby requires - with absolute love and understanding.

I can't begin to express my gratitude for bringing Alaska into our family. He is the greatest dog in the world - and has added so much love and happiness to our lives. We love him with all of our hearts and cherish each day that we have with him.


Thank you!






(formerly Punxatawny)

Thought you might like to see this little picture. I'm glad you approve of her new name. The grandkids, of course, are ecstatic with her. The older ones especially can't wait until they can take her for walks. So far she and I have practiced walking on a leash to the mailbox twice. Mostly she plays in the ivy along the way, but she's very smart so I'm sure she'll catch on quickly. I'm very happy because last night I actually got to sleep from 12:00 until 5:00!! (This is reminiscent of when my girls were babies!) Please do keep in touch. I'll send you pics as she grows up. I'm just so happy that we found you and her!


CaseyI finally got hold of a digital camera and took a picture of Casey. As you can see, he's grown into a really big boy (he weighs about 65 pounds!) He's still a sweet, cuddly dog though - my lap is still his favorite place, if you can believe it.

We spend a lot of time trying to guess what kind of a mix he is. Our favorite theory at the moment is a mix of hound (Blue Tick or Foxhound) and Doberman, but it changes weekly. I hope you are doing well and that your own menagerie is still healthy and happy.

Thanks again for Casey - he is a well-loved member of the family (he even has doggy sleepovers with his dog cousins if you can believe it!) 

Nancy C.



Magnum(formerly Blackie)

Magnum is doing fine, and is definitely a keeper. He has become a wonderful companion and still loves to play. While I still very much miss Diamond, Magnum keeps me busy with walks in the park and play time, and has made the loss easier. There is no doubt left in my mind but that Magnum and I were meant to be together.

I can't thank you enough for your help in adopting Magnum. The excellent care he received from you at Pups 2 Luv has helped him recover from being abandoned by his former family.


I am indeed very fortunate to have Magnum for a friend and life long companion. He has a very unique Rotti personality and is really a very loving big boy. He does answer better to Blacky and I believe this is because of the name being given to him early in his life. They do remember much better than most think and understand much more than we give them credit for. We have been on three unscheduled swimming sessions now, he does like water sports, the pool, and loves to do long walks in the park. He would love to play in the creek more but I'm not really sure how clean the water is so we are passing on the creek for now. He is also using K9 Advantix with excellent results. The mosquitoes don't bother him now. 

He is also doing quite well being left in the apartment (with free run) while I am at work. I have not crated him on purpose. I want him to know that I trust him, and he has not let me down yet. He has become very protective of myself and my son Keith. 


Thanks again. Sincerely 
Rik A.



Zach and Zoe

Hi, our names are Zach and Zoe, we wanted to share our success story for all to enjoy. We were adopted in August by this funny looking couple with long legs. We have learned to love them as if they were ‘one of our own’ though."

"Since moving to Leesburg we live for our walks and car rides. Not to mention swimming and playing in the mud. We also spent a month in ‘human training’ class. We loved being the class clowns we were born to be. "

"On October 7th, we were surprised with a birthday party! We had such a great time. Presents, cake, candles and party clothes. What a fun party. Can hardly wait to see what happens at Christmas as I have seen Santa hats on the counter? By the way, who is this Santa person I keep hearing about?"

"Happy Holidays"





CassieHi! I am a 2nd grader and I have a dog named Cassie from Pups2Luv. 

My family and I went to Pups2Luv to find a perfect dog for us.  Suzi showed us 3 dogs.  We didn't know which one to pick until I fell on the ground.  One dog ran over to me and started licking the knee I scraped.  My mommy said, "That's our dog!" 

Cassie means so much to our family.  I like to train Cassie every time I can.  She always sits by the T.V. and watches with us.  My brothers like to wrestle with her and play catch with her in the backyard.  Cassie walks to school with us every day.  My friends like to pet her.  I think she likes it very much.  Cassie's a gr8 (great) watchdog.  Every time we leave the house and come back, Cassie's face is right there in the window, waiting for us.  She always greets us with kisses and lots of tail wagging.  Cassie is so nice to all the kids that come over for playdates too. 

We love her so much, she is part of our family.


Cassie Cassie



SunnyWhen he first got to Pups 2 Luv, he was a mess.  You could see every rib and back bone on him, and he was a skittish, shy mess.  He was scared of men, and trusted no one.  He didn't know how to play, or really understand kindness.  We took him into our home in February of 99. 

Now, over 2 years later, he is a wonderful dog.  He loves everyone, and loves to wrestle with my dad.  He plays nice and gentle with his three little siblings- two yorkies, Rosey and Daisey, and a toy poodle, Teddy Bear.  He and Teddy are the best of friends and like to cuddle under the kitchen table. 

It took a lot of patience and love to reform this dog - we taught him to not be afraid, we taught him his manners (on the leash and in the house), we broke him of his habit to try to attack trucks and buses that went by, and we taught him to play,  Now, he loves to roll over for tummy rubs, loves to eat, and weighs a nice healthy 45 pounds- about 10 pounds more than when we got him.



Pups 2 Luv
PO Box 55
Springfield, VA  22150-0055
(703) 644-1292