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We are located in Northern Virginia. Our adoptions are limited to a radius of 75 miles from Springfield, Virginia.

Pups 2 Luv does not hold public adoption days. As many of our dogs are placed in foster homes, we need to arrange a convenient time to see the dogs that interest you. Please call to arrange a visit. If you are interested in choosing from several dogs, we can arrange to bring them to one location in Springfield. Of course, this visit is without commitment. We want you to spend some time with the dogs and get to know their personality. This will aid in the best adoption match possible.

We believe pups/dogs should live inside the home as a member of the family so...

We do not adopt:

  • "Outside" dogs
  • To homes with doggy doors
  • To homes with electric fences
  • Puppies under six months to those gone all day

We suggest:

  • Entire family meeting with pup/dog before adoption
  • Crate training while pups/young dogs
  • Gentle, firm obedience training classes

If you are interested or have any questions please contact us.

Pups 2 Luv
PO Box 55
Springfield, VA  22150-0055
(703) 644-1292


The Dog Test - Dogs bring companionship, fun and love to our lives, but they are also a big responsibility.  Deciding to add a dog to your family is a decision that should not be taken lightly.  A dog can live 10-15 years - be sure you can dedicate that time to being a loving dog owner.  Depending on your lifestyle and your own current responsibilities, the adoption of a dog might be inappropriate at this time of your life.  Here are points that your should take in to consideration before thinking of adopting a new pet.

Take this short test to find out if you are ready.  

Give yourself one (1) point for each of the events that have occurred in the past five months, or that might occur in the next five months.

  • Separation, divorce or end of a relationship
  • Marriage
  • Move to a new city or residence
  • Pregnancy or new baby
  • Working longer hours at work
  • New responsibilities at work
  • Financial concerns
  • Children leaving home or moving back home
  • Change in family routine
  • Death of a family member
  • Death or disappearance of a family pet
  • Given away a dog, or returned a dog to an animal shelter
  • Health problems of a family member
  • Frequent travel
  • Limited personal time
  • Graduating from school or college
  • Disagreeing with a family member about adopting a dog
  • Add one (1) point for every animal that you currently own


0 – 4 points
You have a stable life. Now is probably a reasonable time to acquire a dog.

5 – 6
You have many responsibilities at the present time but adoption of a dog might work for you.

7 – 10
Think twice before adopting. With all the changes and responsibilities in your life at the present time you might not have any time to care for your dog.  A dog is a high maintenance animal that needs your time and friendship.  Also, as this is a new addition to your household, the first 6 months is a critical time; it is when bonding and friendships are created.

PLEASE DO NOT ADOPT A DOG. It is NOT recommended to adopt a dog at this juncture of your life. 


If you are seriously considering adopting a dog or puppy, I ask that you please read. Sadly it is more common than you would think.


I wish someone would tell me what it is that I've done wrong,
why I have to stay chained up and left alone so long.
They seemed so glad to have me when I came here as a pup,
there were so many things we'd do while I was growing up.
They couldn't wait to train me as a companion and a friend,
and told me how they'd never fear being left alone again.
The children said they'd feed me and brush me every day, 
they'd play with me and walk me if I could only stay. 
But now the family "hasn't time", they often say I shed, 
they do not want me in the house, not even to be fed. 
The children never walk me, they always say "NOT NOW!" 
I wish that I could please them - won't someone tell me how? 
All I had, you see, was love - I wish they would explain, 
why they said they wanted me, then left me on a chain?

- Anonymous


Stop Puppy Mills


The Many Joys of Dog Ownership

He is a dedicated companion

A dog knows when you need a friend.  He will run with glee, just because he can.  He will chase squirrels just to have an excuse to run.  He will burrow his snout into the beach sand.  He will try to jump over the incoming ocean tides, each time thinking that he can leap over the waves.

Health Benefits of Pet ownership

According to National Institute of Heath Studies (NIH), early studies, pet ownership reduces cardiovascular disease. "Results from one such study, presented at this conference, found that post myocardial infarction survival rates were much higher among pet owners than among non owners."  NIH study - The Health Benefit of Pets 

Adaptation to social relationships

Children from 2-6 have shown an adaptation to social relationships through their pet. "These studies have demonstrated major developmental changes in how children interact with pets. For example, toddlers (2 to 3 years old) are more likely to hit, poke, or grab their pets (behaviors that might be considered aggressive) than are older children. Three- to 4-year-old children tend to pet their animals more than engage in other behaviors, while 5- and 6-year-olds generally hug, stroke, and massage their pets, suggesting both more sophisticated and "gentle" physical contact patterns and more empathetic social relationships. These age-based changes in patterns of behavioral interactions with pets are generally parallel to the developmental changes in interaction patterns that children have with familiar humans, including parents, siblings, and peers." NIH study - The Health Benefit of Pets

Smooth out the anxieties and frustrations of the day

Caring for a dog does take time from an already hectic life. Your daily schedule will be altered by owning a dog.  Many dog owners embrace this time with their canine friend as a few moments away from their busy schedule. A brisk walk in the morning and evening can smooth out the anxieties and frustrations of the day.

Pups 2 Luv
PO Box 55
Springfield, VA  22150-0055
(703) 644-1292