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Mr. Rocco  is a puppy who loves to run, play & wrestle with his friends here. He like to play chase, whether he's the "chasee" or the chaser". He's fast as the wind & he can also jump pretty high. Tug-of-war is his game, with either one or two on the other end. He also likes to play fetch with the tennis ball, especially if he has a friend with a second tennis ball so they can race each other, get the ball & race back for another turn!! Before Rocco came to Pups2Luv he  was passed around a couple of homes when the family kids brought him home without permission, & had to return him because their parents didn't want a dog -NOT thru any fault of his. Now, Rocco would have to have his own forever home & family!! He's waiting for just the right one to come along SOON!! Rocco should stay in the 30-35 pound range.       


If you are interested in adopting Rocco,
please read our adoption process for further information before calling.

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