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Updated January, 2017


Rocco Mr. Rocco is a puppy who loves to run, play & wrestle with his friends here. Rocco is a 38 lb. ball of energy!! His "fetch" can outlast my throwing arm any day! He LOVES to fetch his toys, & he loves to tease whoever is throwing them by presenting his rear end for a "butt scratch". His nicknames are "jack-in-the-box" or "energizer bunny" because he can jump straight up from a sitting position, & grab what you are playing with out of your hand & he jumps on command too! He is friendly, outgoing (to say the least), neutered, healthy, crate-trained & housebroken. Loves people & other dogs. He may be a little overwhelming for young children with his over-abundance of energy.....but he's the perfect size for going places & doing things. Rocco is around 3 years old, & would love to find his "forever" home & family. He would love for you to come & visit with him & throw a toy or two, several dozen times would be doable for him.....what about you???

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