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ABOUT PUPS 2 LUV & The Adoption Process

Pups 2 Luv rescue group was founded in order to take in puppies and young adult dogs, place them in a foster home environment while giving them lots of love, work on proper training and socializing. Pups 2 Luv rescues their dogs from outlying shelters, one in Maryland, four in Virginia, from owner give-ups (various reasons), and strays found by people unable to keep them. We get frequent calls to take in litters of puppies, some with/some without the mother dog, and we have bottle-raised many puppies found on the road, in the woods or when the mother dog was unable or unwilling to raise them. 

Pups 2 Luv has a small network of foster homes, with a LARGE commitment of love to give. We are staffed entirely by unpaid volunteers. These foster homes are willing and eager to do the following in preparing the pup/dog for a new home and family:

  • Treat them as a family member, making them a part of their day-to-day life.

  • Socialize them with both children and other dogs (their own as well as others), take them on outings such as adoption days, Pet Smart visits, walks, parks, and in some cases provide interaction with other family pets - cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, etc.

  • Crate training as well as house training.

  • Get them on a scheduled routine for feeding, potty training, crating and bedtime.


Pups 2 Luv supports these foster homes providing all medical care, including worming, DHPP shots, heartworm tablets and testing, rabies shots and spaying/neutering when applicable. We also have trained behaviorists who work with us on obedience training as well as with dogs who need extra help. Pups 2 Luv reimburses foster homes for food and will loan the foster home the appropriate size collar, leash and crate for the specific foster puppy/dog.


With many years of rescue experience, we have found that it is very important to screen potential adoptive families carefully in order to try and make the perfect match with their new canine family member. We have a two page application, an interview, vet reference check and require all members of the family to meet with the puppy/dog before setting up a home visit. Because we feel adopting a canine companion should be a lifetime commitment it is important to all parties involved to get it right!


Pups 2 Luv is a non-profit group, supported entirely from donations and adoption fees. All members are volunteers and the only administrative expenses funded are for post office box rental, postage and printing/copying costs. Monetary donations as well as supply donations are tax-deductible and are always appreciated.

We are located in Northern Virginia. Our adoptions are limited to a radius of 75 miles from Springfield, Virginia.

Pups 2 Luv does not hold public adoption days. As many of our dogs are placed in foster homes, we need to arrange a convenient time to see the dogs that interest you. Please call to arrange a visit. If you are interested in choosing from several dogs, we can arrange to bring them to one location in Springfield. Of course, this visit is without commitment. We want you to spend some time with the dogs and get to know their personality. This will aid in the best adoption match possible.

We believe pups/dogs should live inside the home as a member of the family so...

We do not adopt:

  • "Outside" dogs
  • To homes with doggy doors
  • To homes with electric fences
  • Puppies under six months to those gone all day

We suggest:

  • Entire family meeting with pup/dog before adoption
  • Crate training while pups/young dogs
  • Gentle, firm obedience training classes

If you are interested or have any questions please contact us.

Pups 2 Luv
PO Box 55
Springfield, VA  22150-0055
(703) 644-1292